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Items Per Bag
The number after each fruit, vegetable, herb, or nut is the suggested amount that should go in each bag for one trading credit.


Artichokes 4 per bag
Asparagus - 14 per bag
Beans 3 pounds per bag
Beets 7 per bag
Bitter Melon 6 per bag
Bok Choy 5 per bag
Boniato 6 per bag
Broccoli 3 large heads per bag
Brussel Sprouts 25 per bag
Cabbage 1 per bag
Cactus Leaves 3 medium size or equivalent
Cardoon enough for a family of 4
Carrots 8 per bag
Cauliflower 2 heads per bag
Celery 1 per bag
Celery Root 3 per bag
Corn 6 ears per bag
Cucumber - 4 medium per bag
Daikon 3 per bag
Eggplant 3 per bag
Eggplant, Japanese 5 per bag
Gai Choy
Garlic 4 per bag
Ginger Root 2 large per bag
Greens (please list type)- one bunch as you would get in the grocery store.
Horseradish Root 4 good sized roots, or equivalent
Jicama - 2 large or equivalent
Kohlrabi 4 small or equivalent
Leeks 4 per bag
Lettuce 1 head, or bunch as in the grocery store.(list type) * note lettuce will not trade well in most parts of the county because of weather. Because of wilting you may want to specify pick up within 24 hrs or you may choose not to trade it at all. Providing fresh produce is your responsibility.
Malanga 3 per bag
Okra 20 per bag
Onions 5 per bag
Parsley Root  4 per bag
Parsnip -6 per bag
Peppers, small hot (please list type) - 4 per bag
Peppers, large mild (please list type)  3 per bag
Sugar Cane please list amount you wish to trade.
Sun Chokes approx 2 lbs. per bag
Sweet Potato 5 medium size per bag
Taro Root 2 large or equivalent per bag
Tomatoes, large variety  5 per bag
Tomatoes, small varities 15 per bag
Turnip 5 per bag
Waterchestnuts - please list amount you wish to trade
Yams 4 medium per bag
Yucca Root 2 large or equivalent per bag
Zucchini 6 medium or equal per bag
Other, vegetable


Apples 10 per bag
Apricots 8 per bag
Atemoyas 4 (
There are many inedible,
toxic black seeds throughout the flesh of the atemoya)
Avocados 4 per bag
Bananas one bunch
(please list type)
(please list type)
Breadfruit 4 to 5 per bag
Cactus Pear 5 per bag
Carambola (star fruit) 5 per bag
Cherimoya 5
(There are large, dark seeds that are easily removed. The seeds are poisonous if crushed open.)
Cherries approx 1 pound per bag
Coconuts  1 per bag
Currants - please list amount you wish to trade.
Dates 15 (please list type)
Feijoa (pineapple guava) 10 per bag
Figs 10 per bag
Grapes approximately 4 pounds
Grapefruit - 6
Guava 5 to 7 depending on size, please specify
Jack Fruit - 1 to 2 depending on size, please specify
Kiwi Fruit 8 per bag
Kiwano 5 per bag
Kumquat 20 per bag
Lemons -10 per bag
Limequats 8 per bag
Limes 10 per bag
Longan approximately 1 pound per bag
Lychees - 10 per bag
Mamey 4 per bag
Mangos 4 per bag
(please list type) Watermelon -1, other melons 2
Nectarines 6 per bag
Oranges -6 (please list type)
Oranges, blood 6 per bag
Papaya 4 per bag
Passion Fruit  10 per bag
Peaches - 6 per bag
Pears - 6 per bag
Persimmon 6 per bag
Pineapple 1 per bag
Plums 6 per bag
Pomegranate 3 per bag
Quince 4 per bag
Rambutans - 1 cluster of 20 or so fruits per bag
Tamarillo 8 per bag
Tamarind 10 per bag
Tangerines 10 per bag
Ugli Fruit -6 per bag
Other, fruit

Nuts 1 pound

Brazil Nuts
Pine Nuts

Fresh Herbs 1 bunch as found in grocery store

Lemon Grass
Vanilla Bean - 5
Other, herb